Healthcare paper

Davis Jewish General Hospital investigated the appropriateness of performing hospital enterprise optimization by using a linear programming based analytics model to make decisions about patient inflow into its Emergency Department, its cancer treatment center, and its surgery programs. Winning in the digital landscape This white paper discusses the digital investments that should be made by consumer healthcare companies now or risk missing their top-line growth objective. It is part of a series of papers on key aspects affecting the move toward an Enlightened Healthcare Ecosystem.

Healthcare paper

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Improve Care, Improve the Health of Populations, and Reduce Costs Leaders at all levels in care delivery organizations, not just senior executives, are struggling with how to focus their leadership efforts and achieve Triple Aim results — better health, better care, at lower cost — for the populations they serve.

High-impact leadership is required. This white paper presents three interdependent dimensions of leadership that together define high-impact leadership in health care: Hospital Inpatient Waste Identification Tool The Hospital Inpatient Waste Identification Tool provides a systematic method for hospital frontline clinical staff, members of the financial team, and leaders to identify clinical and operational waste and subsequently prioritize and implement waste reduction initiatives that will result in cost savings for the organization.

Idealized Design of Perinatal Care Reviews of perinatal care have consistently pointed to failures in communication among the care team and documentation of care as common factors in adverse events that occur in labor and delivery.

IHI Framework for Improving Joy in Work With burnout and staff turnover in health care continuing to rise at alarming rates, this white paper describes four steps leaders can take to improve joy in work; a framework with nine critical components for ensuring a joyful, engaged workforce; key change ideas; and measurement and assessment tools.Jan 30,  · The three companies will create a new venture with the goal of simplifying coverage for their employees, in a move that unsettled the health care world.

Serve others in the changing landscape — earn your Healthcare degree. Your interest in making a difference in the lives of patients has led you to pursue a degree in healthcare – and now you’re ready to earn your on-campus or online healthcare degree. Registered Apprenticeship Program - Employers.

Apprenticeships are the Future of HIM! Is your company seeking solutions to the training and development of employees or additional support to assist your organization in advancing healthcare technology?

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Lexmark Healthcare software completes the patient record by connecting with core applications and removing limitations of information silos. This white paper describes work being done in 13 pilot hospitals to dramatically improve the outcomes and experiences of patients and providers on medical/surgical units.

Healthcare paper

DIGITAL HEALTH BRIEFING: Millennials are leading the consumerization of healthcare — Digital health will help drive wearable shipments — Paper records remain a data hazard for patients.

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