How to write a good autobiography

Everyday Health Healthy Living 9 Tips For Writing Your Autobiography Writing your autobiography can be a great way to tell your life story and provide a keepsake for friends and family. Some people create a memoir simply because they enjoy writing, while others want to preserve their life story for future generations. They may not intend it to be read by anyone other than their own family. Unfortunately, many of those who want to document their life shy away from the project, fearing that composing an autobiography is too difficult for the average person.

How to write a good autobiography

Use the LifeLine Exercise to identify the events you might wish to write about. Consider events in your life that were formative to your beliefs. Then think of yourself as an adolescent and remember the first time you might have believed something different from your family. Who were some significant role models for you?

As a young adult, where did you go for spiritual insight? What kind of peak experiences did you have or what kind of community were you seeking?

how to write a good autobiography

Create an outline of events from the above that you want to explore from a spiritual perspective. Describe the situation and your role. What went particularly well, with a minimum of effort? What special challenges did you overcome? What special talents did you use?

You don’t need to be famous to write a valuable autobiography, family history, or memoir. Everybody has many stories to share with family and friends. Writing an autobiography on Wikipedia is an example of conflict of interest editing and is strongly discouraged. Editing a biography about yourself is acceptable only if you are removing unambiguous vandalism or clear-cut and serious violations of our biography of living persons policy.. Wikipedia has gone through many prolonged disputes about the significance, factual accuracy, and neutrality. Apr 18,  · Write out your life timeline. Start writing your autobiography by conducting research on your own life. Creating a timeline of your life is a good way to make sure you include all the most important dates and events, and it gives you a structure to build upon.

What values were met and which were being challenged or threatened? Describe the people involved and your relation to them.

Who was there for you? What relations were deepened as a result of the experience? Which spiritual values were expressed and by whom? Finally, write about the gifts you received as a result of this experience.

What were the rewards? Did you overcome a weakness or fear and how has the experience made a difference in your life?When writing your autobiography, find out what makes your family or your experience unique and build a narrative around that. Doing some research and taking detailed notes can help you discover the essence of what your narrative should be and craft a story that others will want to read.

Feb 17,  · An autobiography is a fabulous asset for future generations. People will always remember such an asset – and appreciate you for creating it. Writing an autobiography is an art. Learn that art and use it to your advantage! After you write your autobiography, why Author: Laran Joseph.

The Good Life: The Autobiography Of Tony Bennett [Tony Bennett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

He's that regular guy from Astoria, Queens, who left his heart in San Francisco. He's the postwar heartthrob who inspired hundreds of young girls to wear black outside St.

Patrick's Cathedral on his wedding day. He's the darling of the MTV generation who made music history when. The best biographies are written for novel reasons.

A biography aims to inform, captivate, enrage, inspire, or all of the above. They offer us an extensive insight into the life of a remarkable person. How to write a good Biography.

how to write a good autobiography

A biography is meant to analyze a person’s life and interpret it as well. A good biographer will try to join the dots and explain certain actions and events that a .

But when it comes to writing about our own lives, I've really only heard of two different types of books: an autobiography and a memoir.

And between the two, I never really understood if .

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