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What Is Satisfactory Cooperation? First, the statutorily listed considerations are not exhaustive: A co-conspirator who receives leniency from the Antitrust Division is not required to cooperate with civil plaintiffs. Deciding whether, when, and how to cooperate with civil plaintiffs is a strategic matter for the leniency applicant.

Single nauen

Comment It was April 16 when around right-wing extremists marched through the small town of Nauen in the eastern German state of Brandenburg. There was a note under the windshield wiper reading: Skip ahead to Monday night a week ago when a planned asylum hostel -- to be established inside a high school gymnasium -- was gutted by flames in Nauen, just outside Berlin.

The fire occurred just a short time before the first refugees were scheduled to move in. On the Tuesday evening after the fire, a group of assembled for a vigil amid the biting stench of the rubble. The fire in Nauen was the 27th at a German refugee hostel since -- and the fifth within a single week.

And then there were the right-wing extremist demonstrations in front of an asylum hostel housing people in the Saxon village of Heidenau.

The racist, xenophobic marches made headlines around the world. Discussing Attacks in Advance?

Single nauen

It is true that the summer of has seen an unprecedented willingness among Germans to help new arrivals in the country. But the series of horrors cannot be ignored.

And the debate over who might be behind the attacks and how they can be stopped is one that is being pursued with increasing intensity. One of the central questions is whether the arsonists are fanatics operating locally as individuals or members of small groups -- or whether an organized, right-wing network has developed across Germany within which groups discuss attacks in advance.

The term "right-wing terror" has long since begun making the rounds, an expression that is particularly heavy in meaning in Germany due to the series of nine murders of people with foreign backgrounds committed by the extremist group National Socialist Underground NSU between and That group long went undetected by German security officials due to what many say was an unwillingness to consider the possibility of organized, right-wing violence.

This summer, security agencies have reached the official conclusion that there is no extremist master plan behind the attacks. But away from the spotlight, officials continue to look for possible right-wing terror cells and networks. That month, a group of neo-Nazis -- joined by a local politician from the right-wing extremist NPD party -- disrupted a town council debate over a planned refugee hostel.

At the same time, a series of attacks -- with paint bombs and eggs -- began targeting offices belonging to the far-left Left Party. Authorities have long been aware that Nauen is a focus of activity for the neo-Nazi scene just west of Berlin.

The same is true of the region surrounding Heidenau, population 16, -- an area known as Swiss Saxony for its dramatic sandstone mountainscapes.

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Following an NPD demonstration there two weeks ago, a growling mob of right-wing extremists besieged an emergency migrant shelter that had been set up in a former building supplies store. Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel referred to them as a "pack," a word they apparently understood as praise.

When Chancellor Angela Merkel turned up in Heidenau not long later to visit the hostel, locals gathered to chant: In a local election in Maythe NPD candidate Rico Rentzsch -- in whose name the August demonstration was registered -- got more votes than did the three center-left Social Democratic candidates combined.

Votes for the neo-Nazi NPD in the eastern state of Saxony Freital, the next center of xenophobia, is also in Swiss Saxony, located close to Heidenau, both in geographic distance and in political proclivity.

The proximity can be easily seen in social networks. The building also houses the local NPD headquarters. Only Two Arrests The party may soon be facing proceedings to ban it, so it is understandable that it has denied having anything to do with the Heidenau rampage.

The rioting only started after the end of the official demonstration, the party has been at pains to point out. The NPD also claims to reject all forms of violence in political debate. A survey among those involved in the riots may well have turned up a slightly different reality.

And yet, despite days of rioting and several injuries in Heidenau, the police only made two arrests.Nauen, Bin ein sehr fürsorglicher, bescheidener, humorvolle Typ und guter Zuhörer, mag Musik, kuscheln zu zweit und such die starke Schulter zum mir.

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