What were the main problems and

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What were the main problems and

Another trim panel falling off. More trim coming off. Note the cut line for the plasti-veneer isn't even straight. Panel fallen down behind stove.

What were the main problems and

Dent, scrape or problem near roof - from delivery date. Wrote to Winnebago; copy to Jeff rvcountry.

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Also called Leonel because porch light, which was on list for repair, What were the main problems and not transfer to worksheet at Mike Thompson and because email addr. Tried to reach Jay at Winnebago. Called Winnebago again; Jay was out for training - they said he'd be back tomorrow.

Left my numbers in the msg. Called Winnebago again; was told Jay was out for training again. Left message with both numbers.

Called Mike Thompson - they said they still haven't received the front privacy screen from Winnebago even though they had weeks and I was assured my parts order would be a priorityand that after talking with Sirius, Sirius said the cable that was installed a communications cable was never the correct cable and has to be replaced.

City water hookup - connection ordered not received Repairs: Wrote to JC for follow up. Picked up ERA - two stains on carpet and some dirt on the headliner. The lav and cabinet aft of it was taken apart for the window repair - unfortunately, it did not fit back together - and the gaps were filled with some kind of caulk.

Still no front privacy screen, despite being assured the parts would be sent as a priority. No city fill water - they didn't send it because according to Leonel Winnebago wanted to wait and send it with the freezer module.

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Porch light - said it was a bad build - they fixed it. Kickplate - reinstalled - but is dirty and coming out at the bottom. Met with Julien Castillo and showed him the condition the unit was delivered in and the body issues; he agreed that it looked like some sort of chemical damage to the body panels, he saw the dent and problem at the roof, saw and agreed that the repairs done by the body shop where the Paul Evert's plates were mounted were terrible, visible, etc.

When I asked Julien what happened with the rebate, he came back and said that I stopped payment on the AmEx; I said regardless that rebate was to come from Winnebago and wanted to know if they interfered with it, etc.

Julien said he would follow up on it. The wonderful service continued - when I went out to get the propane, the lady who was to fill the tank said she did not want to get on the ground, that she might get dirty, so I had to get on the ground myself and attach their hose to the ERA.

Tried to call back but was on hold for over 10 mins. Sent Jay pics and videos by email.


Aft panel following repair - filled with some kind of putty, edges don't meet. Lavatory fan - doesn't line up after repair of window area. Driver's side screen - with gap, because the screen doesn't fit. Refrigerator panel fell out. Note AC circuit is tripped. Fridge would not work on anything but 12 volt setting and, even then, was intermittent; control top panel fell off.

Restarted, failed after less than 2 mins. Tried with microwave as well, and that was a definite no. AC power failed; circuit breakers didn't pop, but I reset them and then the AC power worked.

Fridge did not work on AU or gas setting. More brown fluid from freezer area. Received a call from Jay at Winnebago; discussed the situation and I asked again that the vehicle be exchanged for a new one, as I do not feel safe in the ERA provided.

What were the main problems and

Jay said the District Manager would have to see it, inspect it, that it's a lengthy process if I went that route as opposed to going in for another shot at repairing the items not working, etc. Sent additional pictures to Jay at Winnebago; he confirmed he received and was able to open them.

Sent last repair documents to Jay at Winnebago. Tried to email Jeff at Paul Evert's but the email bounced back as undeliverable, no known user.Jan 10,  · Feature. The Lawyer Who Became DuPont’s Worst Nightmare. Rob Bilott was a corporate defense attorney for eight years.

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WINNEBAGO ERA: PROBLEMS EXPERIENCED. NOTE: "BRAND NEW" UNIT CURRENTLY UNUSABLE BY OWNER (STILL, AS OF 12/10/)Latest: after being returned, with assurances that the unit was all leak-tested and .

Good Luck, I hope this works well for you We have provided information for various clutch electrical problems and removal under LAST RESORT when the clutch won't . Full-Line Pet Store Serving the Cary, and Triangle Areas. Independent, Locally-Owned Family Business.

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